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The cornerstone of our business has always been attention to detail

The cornerstone of our business has always been attention to details.

For over 20 years, Quamar has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing a complete range of coffee grinders, all 100% handcrafted in Italy.

The best particle size distribution profile

Since its foundation, Quamar has always focused its efforts on product development. In recent years, the company has taken a step forward by acquiring technical-scientific equipment to accurately measure the particle size distribution through the analysis of ground coffee particles. Thanks to research and laser-controlled granulometry technology, significant progress has been made, allowing for the refinement of the entire range of coffee grinders. This has enabled the acquisition of skills to achieve the most uniform shape of ground coffee possible, thus ensuring optimal extraction control within a specific particle size class.

An artisan-oriented customer-centric company

Quamar is committed to providing fast and efficient after-sales service, responding promptly to offer comprehensive support to its customers. The company distinguishes itself through its determination to seek and develop technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions for its customers. This strength stems from the qualification and motivation of its internal team, as well as close collaboration with all partners, whether they are Quamar's customers or suppliers.

In a global market where many manufacturers are becoming increasingly industrialized, Quamar stands out as a medium/small-sized artisan company that pays great attention to detail and carefully selects raw materials to create efficient handcrafted coffee grinders.

Quamar's primary objective is to exceed the expectations of the most discerning consumers and fully meet customer needs. To achieve this goal, the company carefully selects the finest raw materials and subjects finished products to rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Dedicated Sales Team, Swift Problem-Solving Chain, and Fast Delivery

Quamar demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to providing excellent service: it has a team of dedicated sales professionals for each geographic area, thus ensuring a deep understanding of local specifics. Thanks to this, the problem-solving chain stands out for its brevity, ensuring that challenges are addressed promptly and efficiently. This agility is also reflected in delivery times, which are remarkably fast, allowing customers to receive their products as quickly as possible.”

From Foundation to Global Success in the Coffee Grinder World

In 2000, Mirco Martignago and Luca Quagliotto founded Quamar in Altivole, in the province of Treviso. Starting as a small artisanal company with local production, in 2005, Quamar experienced significant growth thanks to the partial acquisition of a historic company specialized in the production of professional coffee grinders.
The solidity, efficiency, and functionality of Quamar coffee grinders are the elements that have allowed the company to gain recognition both in Italy and around the world.

Quamar s.r.l

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