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Nemo-Q HOME coffee grinder

Nemo-Q: the new Quamar HOME coffee grinder.

Nemo-Q has been studied and designed to meet the needs of the home barista.

The word to best describe Nemo is simplicity.


Nemo-Q guarantees a ground coffee that enhances the aromas and tastes of the various blends to obtain a perfect coffee even at home.


The new grinder has an innovative design, with soft and comfortable shapes.

Available in two different versions:

  • Nemo-Q/E (electronic) equipped with an extremely intuitive touch screen display.
  • Nemo-Q/EM (manual) is activated manually using the switch button located on the fork.

Nemo-Q will become part of the new Quamar line: HOME coffee grinder


Watch this VIDEO and learn more about the new home coffee grinder