New Aluminum Cone Lid

With the introduction of our new aluminium lid, created and designed entirely by us, vibrations during grinding will no longer be an issue thanks to the new design that gives an innovative interlocking assembly system to ensure stability and greater durability.
All this, however, without altering the ease of removal for maintenance and cleaning of the cone.
To give a more modern, updated image to the lid label, it has been used a different chromatic scale to renew the classic line, introducing the blue pantone which becomes a functional tonal reference to the background colour of the display when it’s on.
Our choice to make a satin version, rather than polished, was made with a view to the future: it is demonstrated that over time, polished aluminum tends to become opaque, this can be avoided by using of satin finish which, compared to the gloss, is maintained over time.
The aluminum lid version has been applied to all models of electronic coffee grinders (E) and manual ones with cone (S) (EM).