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Coffee Powder Trays



Stainless steel grinder trays for placing under Quamar coffee grinders to collect any spilt coffee grounds.

Equipped with non-slip feet, the trays are ideal for keeping your counter clean and tidy.

Trays are compatible with the four Quamar coffee grinder models:


Q50 ITEM CODE 180890

M80 ITEM CODE 180900

Q13 ITEM CODE 180905

T48 ITEM CODE 180910


Structure:stainless steel
Q50 Coffee Powder Tray:ITEM CODE 180890
Dimensions:185x200 mm
Net weight:230 g
M80 Coffee Powder Tray:ITEM CODE 180900
Dimensions: 205x200 mm
Net weight:245 g
Q13 Coffee Powder Tray:ITEM CODE 180905
Dimensions: 255x200 mm
Net weight:306 g
T48 Coffee Powder Tray:ITEM CODE 180910
Dimensions:250x240 mm
Net weight:420 g

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