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The Q20-1 portafilter cleaner is a professional appliance for cleaning the portafilter of espresso coffee machines.

The Q20-1 is the ideal tool for every barista because it guarantees a thorough cleaning of the portafilter in a very short time.

The brushes can be activated automatically thanks to the lateral optical reader, simply place the portafilter on top of the brushes to operate automatically. The new brushes guarantee a unique performance to this tool: their action ensures a thorough cleaning of the portafilter which in a few seconds is completely emptied of the coffee grounds.

The Q20-1 model is equipped with a cylindrical tube for collecting coffee grounds and is therefore extremely practical for emptying and disposing of waste material. When the tube reaches the maximum capacity level, the portafilter cleaner machine emits a sound signal that warns the operator to empty the coffee grounds from the container. The sound signal is activated thanks to the sensor positioned in the bottom of the device.

The Q20-1 portafilter cleaner is equipped with a practical support bracket that allows the appliance to be used in any workbench, placing the support bracket under the coffee machine to have a convenient cleaning station for the operator.

External portafilter cleaner with tube


Equipped with a removable coffee grounds collection tube and a practical upper support bracket that allows it to be applied externally in the bar counter.

Technical Features

Brushes included in the kit: for
Ø 53 mm
Ø 58 mm
portafilter baskets
Voltage, power: 220-240 V – 50/60 Hz, 36 W
R.P.M.: 200/min.
Functioning: automatic brush activation with optical sensing device
Brush material: food grade rubber
Material: stainless steel body
Coffee grounds pipe capacity: about 3 kg of coffee grounds
Net weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 151 x 420 x 690h mm
OPTIONAL: • brush for special Ø portafilter baskets




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