Q20 Portafilter Cleaner

Tools for espresso barista

The Q20 are the portafilter cleaner machines for the baristas of the future.

Q20 guarantee an immediate cleaning of the filter, without using the arm and therefore avoiding noise, any physical effort and mostly without compromising or damaging the portafilter, which is a fundamental tool for the espresso bartender.

The Q20 line offers three different types of models to meet the needs of every barista:



Equipped with a removable coffee grounds collection tube and a practical upper flange that allows it to be applied externally in the bar counter.



Equipped with a removable coffee grounds collection tube. Suitable to be placed entirely in the counter.



Version without coffee grounds collection tube, the operator can choose to place a plastic bag or a bin under the portafilter cleaner machine to collect the coffee grounds. Designed for integral placement in the counter.


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