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The Shape of the Coffee Powder

Discover Why
Granulometric Profile
Matters to Us

our technology ensures optimal extraction control
within a specific particle size class

Questo è
il puro aroma
di ogni possibile caffè
the best
granulometric profile
keeps in the cup
every single detail
of your roasted coffee

This is the difference between grinding

and ideal grinding

Un vero caffé è shaped

grinding homogeneity is key

Every single roasted coffee has its proper details. Our obsession for the perfect particle distribution, is why we care for all these details. The perfect grinding becomes the most powerful tool to keep the quality from bean to cup

in every different
kind of extraction




The shape of the coffee powder

The shape
of the coffee powder
Quamar introduced the concept of 'the shape' taking care of the shape of every single particle of coffee ground, focusing on what we believe is the heart of the process of a perfect extraction: the shape of the coffee powder
Experience our perfect grinding
All the evidence we gathered during the development of our Sirio allowed us to formulate the concept of an ideal shape suited for every type of extraction

T H E    S H A P E    O F     T H E    C O F F E E     P O W D E R

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