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Sirio-Q has been created to revolutionize the way of grinding the coffee.

Several years of experimentation and constant improvements have led to the development of new methods, technologies and parameters to be complied with.

The new concept “the shape of coffee powder” stems from research that proves the fundamental importance of the particle size and homogeneous shape of the ground coffee particles.

Sirio-Q is the first coffee grinder of Quamar’s new vision which best represents this principle.

developped to find the
excellent aroma


Sirio-Q has been developed to meet the needs of professionals in the sector who are constantly looking for coffee with a perfect balance and excellent aroma.

This new tool is the only premium coffee grinder able to guarantee excellent performance in all grinding categories, thus making it possible to range from Turkish to filter coffee simply by adjusting the front ring.

Sirio-Q is the perfect weapon for those who wish to venture into different types of extraction because it offers total control over grinding thanks to the ring nut that ensures extremely precise adjustment.

Quamar has left behind the classic design canons of professional coffee grinders and opted for new volumes and geometric balances while maintaining traditional focus on the sturdiness of its products.

Brushless motor

  • Up to 1000 W power
  • Self learning delivers only the necessary power to win the effort required during grinding, using more power only if the coffee beans are harder to grind
  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of the heating in the grinding chamber
  • Coffee dose accurancy and consistency
  • Silent motor
  • Speed regulation 900 – 1200 – 1500 rpm

Mechanical transmission

  • New transmission system (patent pending)
  • Independent motor and grinding chamber
  • Minimised thermal transfer
  • Undo micrometric movements caused by dilation of overheated materials
  • Extremely stable grinding compartment


  • 77 mm flat burrs
  • Vertical position for a lower retention
  • Steady position of the burrs
  • Micrometric control of grinding range by frontal ring
  • Perfect particle size curve for all grinding standards
  • Innovative design for the ideal grinding in any application: espresso, Ibrik, filter, cupping (patent pending)

Main Features

Output pipe
made in glass
to minimize retention and electrostatic charge
Universal fork
easily removable
magnetic fork

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